Municipal Services

Connecticut Sealcoating is proud of their service they offer to Municipalities. These services range from Crack Sealing and Sealcoating and paving of Roadways, Municipal Recreation Areas, and School Parking Lots.

Preventative Maintenance

Connecticut Sealcoating employs 8 crews to make sure these services are available to assist you to keep your biggest investment in top shape. Preventative maintenance such as crack sealing is the most cost effective solution that extends the service life of your pavements. In 2015 we performed this work for 31 municipalities in Connecticut alone.

Certified Specialists

Our crews are OSHA 10 Certified as well as Certified Traffic Control Specialists. The main priority of crack sealing is to seal the cracks that form in your pavements thus keeping water from infiltrating into the base. With more towns and cities using straight salt, treated salt and other “ide” de-icing materials, it is especially import to keep the cracks that form sealed to prevent the briny water mixture form infiltrating into the subbase which in turn does not allow it to freeze. When this happens the formation of pot holes are greater, and when frost does form in the sub base great heaves are formed as witness over the past few years.


By performing both crack sealing and sealcoating on parking area, you can extend the life cycle by many years, not only by rejuvenating the asphalt but also adding to the aesthetics of your areas giving your Municipal properties better “curb appeal” showing your citizens that you have pride in your community, and that you want to make their investments in their infrastructure last.

Experience You Can Trust

Our Municipal Account Manager has 25 years of experience in the Public Works field, coming to us after retirement as a Director of Public Works for a local municipality. Call today to discuss your issues or we can meet with you to assist you in keeping your pavements looking and performing like new.

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