Newtown Municipal Pavement Overlay

Newtown Municipal Pavement Overlay

Connecticut Sealcoating has been a top asphalt company in Newtown, Connecticut for a long time. We have been continuously providing and delivering premier asphalt paving services to the residents of Newtown. Our services offered range from commercial to municipal, large to small, allowing us to successfully work with each and every client’s needs.

Our team was contacted recently by a new family who had just moved to the area. They were looking for asphalt paving in Newtown. The municipal services they were interested in would require both asphalt paving and asphalt maintenance. We spoke on the phone with the client at length to get any, and all, necessary information. Upon completing the call we scheduled a time to visit the residents new home so that we could examine the current asphalt surface, and provide an in-depth quote.

We arrived on time at the property and were quite pleased with what we saw. The current asphalt surface was still in decent shape, with no severe potholes. However, it would require more than just a simple layer of sealant. We decided that a basic pavement overlay would be the most effective asphalt paving service for the client. The pavement overlay allows us to apply a new layer of bituminous paving to the existing asphalt layer. This helps to completely revitalize the asphalt surface as well as give it a fresh, new aesthetic.

The pavement overlay took the good portion of a day and by the time we had completed it, as well as sealcoating the entire driveway, it looked brand new. The family was very excited and happy with the work that we had performed. We instructed them to let the sealant set before utilizing the asphalt driveway. They thanked us for our time and hard work, and informed us they would be contacting us for any future municipal paving services.


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