Norwalk Sealcoating Work

Norwalk Sealcoating Work

At Connecticut Sealcoating it has been our goal to remain the top asphalt contractor in Norwalk, Connecticut. Through excellent customer service and attention to detail, our crew has helped to continuously provide the best asphalt services to Norwalk. Whether you are looking for a new parking lot installation or a pothole repair, Connecticut Sealcoating is the asphalt company for you!

Our crew recently received an estimate request for parking lot maintenance in Norwalk.  A local business owner contacted out office interested in parking lot sealing. He explained that while his current asphalt surface was holding up well, it has been a number of years since his last pavement maintenance. He wanted to make sure that his parking lot was properly protected. We told him we would be happy to provide the asphalt maintenance work for his business. Having a properly maintained parking lot is very important for customer satisfaction. We scheduled the seal the parking lot the following week.

After arriving at his store, our crew quickly got to work. We wanted to make sure that we effectively sealed the entire lot in order to provide it with maximum protection. The layer of sealant helps to keep hazardous chemicals, oils, water, and objects from entering the asphalt layer. This is a crucial component of proper parking lot maintenance and reduces the risk of costly asphalt paving repairs. This also helps to extend the overall lifetime of the asphalt paving by reducing the potential for crack formation and potholes.

By the time we had completed the project, the store owner was very happy with the aesthetic of his new lot. We were happy to have provided another customer with sealcoating in Connecticut. Our crew left the job feeling great, knowing they worked for the top paving company in Norwalk.


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