Residential Asphalt Patch and Sealcoat in Meriden

Residential Asphalt Patch and Sealcoat in Meriden

Connecticut Sealcoating has proudly been a premier asphalt contractor serving Meriden, Connecticut for many years. During that time, we have made it our mission to create the best customer experience in the industry. Our team has consistently set the industry standard for excellence in customer service and asphalt paving craftsmanship. Our team of expert asphalt professionals is ready to help you start your next asphalt paving project.

We recently were contacted regarding an asphalt repair in Meriden. The client who reached out to us was looking for asphalt patching in their parking lot.  A pothole had formed and it was interfering with their customer’s parking ability. The client explained to us that they had recently experienced asphalt deterioration in their parking lot. While their asphalt parking lot seemed to be strong, the affected area was continuing to grow larger and larger each day. They wanted to address the problem before it got any worse. Our team of asphalt professionals met with the client’s early in the week in order to get a scope for the project and an idea of what asphalt repair services were needed.

After we had finished the asphalt patching work, our team determined that the parking lot could use further asphalt maintenance. We went ahead and added an additional layer of sealant to the parking lot. Sealcoating an asphalt surface is one of the best ways to prevent damage and costly asphalt repairs. Everything in the project went very smoothly and the clients were happy with our dedication.

By the time that we had finished working on their asphalt parking lot, their asphalt surface looked awesome. Their customers were able to utilize the lot without damaging their vehicles or personal injury. The client also appreciated the added curb appeal from the new asphalt surface. We gave them some tips on how to properly maintain their asphalt parking lot. At the completion of the project, we were very pleased. The clients loved their newly repaired asphalt parking lot and thanked us for our hard work, diligence, and friendly service.


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