Seal and Stripe Work in Bethlehem

Seal and Stripe Work in Bethlehem

At Connecticut Sealcoating we have been a premier paving contractor in Bethlehem for many years. With close to 20 years experience providing expert asphalt services such as crack sealing, asphalt maintenance, and asphalt repair, Connecticut Sealcoating and its crew has established itself as the top asphalt company in Connecticut.

Our team recently received a request for parking lot maintenance in Bethlehem, Connecticut. A local property manager was in need of parking lot sealcoating. The manager had contracted us previously to pave his office building’s parking lot.  It had been a couple of years since we performed the parking lot paving. He explained to us that his parking lot was beginning to fade and crack. We were happy to schedule him for a thorough evaluation and quote. We set to visit the property the following week to examine the asphalt parking lot.

Upon arrival, our crew was greeted by the property manager. The asphalt surface was clearly in need of maintenance. After examining the parking lot, we determined that crack sealing and sealcoating the parking lot would revive the asphalt. After providing the manager with a quote, he was happy with the schedule and pricing involved. We agreed to begin the asphalt paving project the following Monday. Our team returned to the shop to begin preparing for the asphalt maintenance project.

Our crew began work on the parking lot the following week. We began by applying a layer of sealant to the asphalt surface. This protects the asphalt surface from penetration by water, oil, hazardous chemicals, and more. It also provided the asphalt with a fresh new aesthetic. We followed the sealcoating with crack sealing. There were a number of cracks throughout the parking lot that needed to be sealed. We finished the lot by restriping the parking spaces to the client’s needs.


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