Sealcoating a Fairfield Residential Driveway

Sealcoating a Fairfield Residential Driveway

Connecticut Sealcoating is proud to be one of the top asphalt contractors serving Fairfield, Connecticut. For many years we have focused on delivering the best, finished products, accompanied by exceptional customer service, in order to leave our customers completely satisfied.

We were contacted recently through our online form by a local resident who was looking for asphalt maintenance in Fairfield. The resident was in need of municipal paving services, specifically sealcoating. He explained to us that he had been very good about performing the necessary asphalt maintenance throughout the years. However, he said that it was time for his driveway to receive a new layer of sealant.

Our asphalt professionals always recommend sealcoating an asphalt surface every couple of years. It has a number of positive benefits that will make your asphalt surface look better and perform longer. It provides an effective layer of protection from intrusive chemicals, liquids, and foreign objects looking to penetrate the asphalt surface. Once the asphalt surface has been penetrated, these harmful foreign bodies will create cracking. As cracking occurs over time, more cracks will form, and eventually larger potholes will occur. This requires much more expensive asphalt repair work. However, with the proper asphalt maintenance, your asphalt driveway can look and stay in tip-top shape.

The sealcoating job went off without any problems. We arrived at the resident’s location and began work the following day. We were able to complete his entire asphalt driveway within a morning and gave him the proper instructions on letting the layer of sealant dry before utilizing his driveway. He was very happy with the work that we had performed and told us that we would call us for any asphalt paving needs that he might have in the future. Our team of asphalt professionals left the job knowing the had successfully delivered top of the line asphalt repair services to another Fairfield, Connecticut resident.


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