Trumbull Asphalt Repair Job

Trumbull Asphalt Repair Job

Connecticut Sealcoating is proud to be a top asphalt contractor serving Trumbull, Connecticut, and its residents. For many years we have delivered the top of the line asphalt paving services to local residents, businesses, and organizations. From commercial paving to municipal paving, we offer a wide variety of asphalt services.

We recently received a call from a local resident who was looking for asphalt repair in Trumbull. They were interested in our municipal services and were looking to patch a pothole that was located in their driveway. We assured them that they had called the right asphalt company for the job. We gathered more necessary information from the resident and agreed to meet them at their home the following morning to perform an asphalt inspection. This would allow us to thoroughly evaluate the asphalt surface and determine the extent of the asphalt repair work needed.

Upon arrival at the residence, we quickly were able to spot the trouble location. The asphalt surface has a number of cracks leading to a larger pothole. The pothole, however, was not too big in size and would require a simple pothole patching job. We spoke with the client and informed them of what we believed would be the most efficient and effective way to handle the job. They were very pleased with the straightforward quote and honest pricing. We were set to begin work the following afternoon.

At the completion of the municipal asphalt job, our asphalt repair professional was very pleased with the finished product. The asphalt had regained much of its structural integrity, and the asphalt surface gained a fresh visual appeal. We spoke with the client and he was also very happy with how quickly and expertly we had completed the job. He told us that he would be contacting Connecticut Sealcoating for any further asphalt paving jobs in the future!


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